Transport gratuit pentru comenzile de peste 1500 lei.


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    Avem grijă de plante și dupa ce au părăsit pepiniera noastră.

    Oferim garanție 60 de zile pentru toate plantele livrate și instructiuni pentru plantare.


    Tuia (Thuja)

    tuia Tuia (Thuja)

    test test Then there is the issue of wind and being very exposed to the weather, especially in winter. An exposed, windy property is not a great place to grow plants in. If you have plans for a garden, perhaps with fruit trees and flowers, then some shelter from strong winds will make a big difference to their growth and your success. Windbreaks create a micro-climate that allows you to grow a much wider variety of plants, not have your ornamental trees blow down, and have fewer issues with snow drifting and piling up around your house.

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