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    Avem grijă de plante și dupa ce au părăsit pepiniera noastră.

    Oferim garanție 60 de zile pentru toate plantele livrate și instructiuni pentru plantare.


    Privacy trees

    A common problem for many property owners is a lack of privacy. Having neighbors looking straight into your windows, or watching you on your porch is never a pleasant experience. When in our homes we expect to be able to drop some of the social habits and relax without being judged. Or walk around without a shirt. The difficult problem of privacy is one of the most common issues encountered when moving in to a new property, or when a new building goes up next door.

    Preventing someone from looking in is one problem. What you are looking out at is another. When you are in your garden you don’t really want to see that gas station across the street, or those pylons marching across the fields behind you. There are lots of ugly views around and these not only detract from your environment, they reduce your property value. You can’t move the ugly view, but you can make sure it cannot be seen so when you come to sell your home it won’t put off potential buyers.


    Then there is the issue of wind and being very exposed to the weather, especially in winter. An exposed, windy property is not a great place to grow plants in. If you have plans for a garden, perhaps with fruit trees and flowers, then some shelter from strong winds will make a big difference to their growth and your success. Windbreaks create a micro-climate that allows you to grow a much wider variety of plants, not have your ornamental trees blow down, and have fewer issues with snow drifting and piling up around your house.

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